Yama Dojo Kanji

Yama Dojo Kanji

Yama Dojo

Traditional Shotokan Karate Club

Yama Dojo was established in 2010 and is focused on maintaining a high standard in Traditional Shotokan Karate. Yama is the Japanese word for "mountain". Dojo litterally translates as "way place" or "place of the way", it refers to the place where students practice Karate-do. We are the only dojo in Waterford affiliated to Shotokan Karate-do International Federation (SKIF) and as such we maintain strong links with Japan, where Shotokan Karate originated from.


At Yama Dojo we train in Traditional Shotokan Karate. Though we are a very new club, we have had success at many local and national SKIF (Shotokan Karate-do International Federation) competitions. Students have also attended seminars and graded to a very high standard under Kanazawa Kancho and many other high ranking Japanese Sensei.


We are very lucky in Ireland that we get to train on week long seminars with many of the most world renowned and high ranking Japanese Sensei. These sensei include, Kanazawa Hirokazu Soke 10th Dan, Nobuaki Kanazawa Kancho 6th Dan, Manabu Murakami - Shihan Designate 7th Dan, Ryusho Suzuki 6th Dan, Shinji Tanaka 6th Dan, Fumitoshi Kanazawa 5th Dan, Daizo Kanazawa 5th Dan